Apartment for young families with children, 3-room apartment with total area of 90m2.

At the request of the customer, the kitchen and living room were united into a common space, with the zoning on the kitchen and dining part, and living room where you can relax in front of the TV. Also the space of the bathroom was adapted to the needs of the family: it was necessary to win the space for a more convenient bathroom, specifically , for the location of the bathroom bowl, for this was moved wall  and the arrangement of internal elements.

The main wish of the client in the living area it was the expansion of space and using color scheme that includes color grey, and use decorative brick on walls. So as the  interior looked holistically and harmoniously, these materials and colors resonate in other areas. Following the wishes of the customer with the maximum saving of space and light, the ceiling was lowered only along the perimeter, using backlight illumination. Point light sources give a soft, uniform lighting,  creating a comfortable atmosphere and a sense of the fullness of the light.

STYLE – modern

OBJECT – apartment 90m2